Coaching Packages

Go Forth Coaching offers several packages with different focuses that are designed to help you make significant life-enhancing changes.

By investing in yourself for relatively short periods of time  -- only a quarter, or a third, or a half of a year -- you can develop new healthy habits, learn important new conversation skills that could revolutionize key relationships, overcome fears and obstacles to achieving dreams and aspiration.

A Go Forth Coaching package for Executives, Managers, and Team Leaders and their Teams can significantly improve team communication and reduce conflict. This will lead to greater productivity and improved organizational results.

Check out these different packages and choose the one that most resonates with you!

Go Forth Conversation Makeover

Are you having too many failed conversations resulting in too much personal conflict at work or at home? Would you like to learn tools and techniques for consistently having successful, trust-building conversations?

The focus of this package is on developing Conversational IntelligenceTM, and includes mentoring and tools for implementation success. Includes a free copy of “Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results” by Judith E. Glaser.

3-month Commitment - $895

From Here to Eternity

Have you been stuck too long in your spiritual growth, and are you ready to do something about that?

The focus of this package is on spiritual and character development, based on Biblical principles and established spiritual disciplines. Customized for where you are at in your spiritual journey. Learn how to develop life-changing changing healthy habits.

3-month Commitment - $895

Go Forth Ad Hoc

If you want it all, or you just can’t make up your mind, yet, then this package is for you?

Pick topics from any of the other packages, and add your own topics to get exactly what you need to move forward to new successes. 

3-monthCommitmentt - variable pricing, call for quote

Go Forth Conversation Makeover for Teams

Are you an executive or a senior manager who is experiencing too many challenging team dynamics and conflict-ridden meetings and conversations at work?

Focus is on developing Conversational IntelligenceTM, and includes mentoring and tools for implementation success.Includes a free copy "Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraodinary Results” by Judith E. Glase for each team member.

This package also Includes team training on C-IQ, shadow coaching, and C-IQ based 360 degree reviews, and 1x1 coaching for the Team Leader.

6-month Committment - variable pricing, call for quote

2 Key Questions

Which one of these packages appeals most to what you need and desire?


Do you want what you need and desire enough to invest in yourself in a series of life-changing conversations with a credentialed Certified Transformational Coach?

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Call today for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how a Go Forth Coaching Package can benefit You!  No risk! No obligations!

The Fine Print

A Coaching Partnership is most effective when there is at least a three-month commitment on your part to actively pursing your aspirations and goals. Most of the benefits you will receive from the Coachiing Partnership will be directily related to the actions you take between the coaching conversations you will have with your Coach. The Coaching process will provide some, but may not provide all of the accountability that you may need to succeed. Go Forth Coaching does not guarantee any specific results.

All Go Forth Coaching packages include biweekly one hour conversations via telephone, Skype, or, in the case of local clients, in-person, if circumstances permit. They also include unlimited emails and text message contact with Go Forth Coaching.

At any time during the duration of a purchased package, if you decide that Coaching is not helping you with your desired objectives, you may cancel the remainder of your pacakge and receive a pro-rated refund.