This is Your Brain on Coaching

brain on coaching framedIn this informative article, The Neuroscience of Leadership, authors David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz discuss the scientific basis for the power of Coaching.

For insights to be useful, they need to be generated from within, not given to individuals as conclusions. This is true for several reasons. First, people will experience the adrenaline-like rush of insight only if they go through the process of making connections themselves. The moment of insight is well known to be a positive and energizing experience. This rush of energy may be central to facilitating change: It helps fight against the internal (and external) forces trying to keep change from occurring, including the fear response of the amygdala.

Internally generated insights are just one of the many brain-friendly benefits of a Coaching Relationship. Read also about encouragement, focus, and follow-up and how neuroscience shows that Coaching is the most effect method of helping you make positive changes.