Here is a simple worksheet to help you evaluate if Coaching might be for you:           

Am I ready for a Coach?


Golf Ball Wheel of Life   

Try the Wheel of Life Exercise !

Download this helpful exercise for a simple way to evaluate your levels of satisfaction in key areas of your life.

Get a clear picture of areas you want to improve or grow in, and identify areas where you are stuck.


Check out iPlanJournalâ„¢ Life Coach!

"This app is something that I created for myself to try and help me during my life coach appointments. I found that the appointments were going well and I was getting a lot out of them. But with each goal I found I needed a way to track the goals and the progress of my actions in reaching my goals. I also discovered that each week I would tackle different areas: from family, to marriage, to work, to spiritual growth. I needed to be able to categorize my goals better. So iPlanJournal Life Coach was born. This app can also be used by the Life Coach to track goals set by individual clients as well. I hope you like it."

Andy Lee, Chief Innovator, iHomeEducator

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