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As with many pastors, I juggle a lot of balls each week, and have a few “Big Rocks” that need constant feeding and attention. During our coaching time together, Greg really listened to me and forced me to do my own work. His use of silence during our calls was very powerful for me. There were many good “aha!” moments for me during our coaching calls. From being coached by Greg, I learned to be a better coach of others.”  - Bud

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"His passionate belief of not giving direct advice but quietly guiding one to self-realize and gain self control, was hard for me to grasp at first but I soon realized the power in the questions back to me, clarified my goals. I felt safe telling him some secrets and had no reason to worry that he would divulge any of my private matters.

 I would say that the strength in working with Greg is that the decisions made, while engaged with Greg, are made with more conviction and focus. He is welcome to the ideas around visualization techniques and also serves as a great sounding board when I am brainstorming and problem solving issues. Sometimes there is great wisdom in the quietness of a few words, even when they may be your own.” - Eric

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binoculars    As a Student Ministries Pastor, I could not have been more surprised to see how personably, authentically, and intentionally Greg handled our appointments. His dedication to understand my vision and passion, and then to partner with me to leverage my strengths to further my goals, rather than produce a carbon copy of his own, makes our time invaluable to me. Our appointments have brought clarity and focus. Greg has been a valuable partner for me on my journey forward. I highly recommend Greg and his coaching style, which values my aspirations.” - Josh

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If you are considering meeting with a coach, I would highly recommend Greg Cottrill.  The whole concept of coaching was a new idea for me and I was not sure what meeting with a coach would provide.  I knew that I needed help with clearly defining my goals and exploring areas where I experiencing challenges in moving towards those goals.  Not only is Greg personable, he is able to sift through the things you are sharing and bring clarity.  His methods include asking questions that make you think about things from a new perspective.  He provides tools that allow you to prioritize your life plan now and where you want to go.  I found my coaching appointments to be a great encouragement to take proactive steps to bring about the changes I needed to move forward.” - Joyce  tools-sm

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breaking through small    "I highly recommend Greg and the life and leadership coaching process. I was very skeptical at first and didn't really expect to gain much out of the coaching process with Greg. Much to my surprise, Greg helped me identify key weakness that were hindering my ministry and personal life. Greg walked me through a process that helped turn my weaknesses into strengths. During my time with Greg my health, marriage, and ministry have become much healthier. I've lost 20 pounds, I'm utilizing my time more effectively, and I've been able to streamline my approach in ministry. Thank you Greg!" - Israel

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"When I first enlisted Greg as my coach, I had reach a point in my life that I knew was not going to improve without help. During our coaching appointments, Greg listened to my life's struggles and goals without criticism. By asking empowering questions, he encouraged my intrinsic ability to solve many of the obstacles that had gotten me stuck. When we discussed career aspirations, Greg reviewed my resume thoroughly from the perspective of a hiring manager. He was more than generous in sharing his personal resources and contacts to help me get a solid footing and understanding of the career path we defined in our time together. With the help of my coach, I feel confident that my ladder of success is now leaning firmly against the right wall in all areas of my life!”  - Ben    ladder guy w stars small